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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Fruit Machines Glossary

Alphanumeric Display: The alphanumeric display is the screen that shows the players the credits, plays and bank information. It is also used for a lot of the features in the games such as the 'Money Belt'.

Amusement With Prizes: (AWP) This is a term that is basically used to classify the different types of United Kingdom fruit machines that offer cash prizes. The name dates back to a time before cash was given out for wins on a fruit machine.

Barcode: Bar Codes in Fruit Machines are how to obtain hidden features; for example by getting a 3 Bar symbol, a 2 Bar symbol and a 1 Bar symbol on the win line hidden features are revealed and then it is followed by selecting the feature and hitting a single hold button or entering a code for the feature revealed. There is also the option on some machines called reverse barcodes by getting 1 Bar, 2 Bar and 3 Bar symbols on the payline.

Backing: Backing is a term that is used for one of two things and players can tell if it is backing if you hear the coin fall to the bottom of the machine. The first thing that backing can mean is that the machine is full because it hasn't been won recently and is full of money and the second thing that it can means is that the machine has recently been re-filled by an engineer; and that means that it is full but that it has recently been won and that players are less likely to win money.

Cancel Button: The cancel button is a good thing to be able to use because they can affect many of the features on a particular machine. When the players gets a certain feature (which is something that is sometimes hard to do) the idea is to try to hold down the cancel button which may slow things down. The list of these features goes on forever but some examples are the Shockwave, Searchlight, and Skill Nudges.

CL: This abbreviation means 'cash low' and it usually means that there is less that £15 left in the hopper.

Emptier:This is a term that is used to describe a method of playing the game in such a way that it manipulates or changes the payout percentage; this is usually caused by bugs in the software and the machine not accurately knowing that has been won. A lot of these are in the form of free wins in which the player can keep collecting the feature because the machine doesn't realize it has been hit.

Forcing: Forcing is a way to play with the intention of taking the jackpot. When a player is forcing they don't collect any wins and the machine goes under their normal percentage of payout's and once a certain amount of money has been put in the game will pay out the top prize.

Hold After Nudges: When the player is nudging if there is no wins available they have to try to get two of the same fruits on the win line; when they have finished nudging the game may give a message saying that if a certain button is pressed a win will be awarded, when this happens players are advised to not hold anything.

Invincibility/Invincible Mode or (IM): This is when the player can not lose and the game guarantees the jackpot or the top feature without killing them. There are also hidden IM's and the machine doesn't tell the player that they are invincible.

JP- This is just the abbreviation for the word 'Jackpot'.

Percentage- Per the laws in the United Kingdom each fruit machine has got to pay out a certain amount of money and the minimum percentage is 70%. The goal of the machine is to meet this percentage over a large number of credits / spins. It does not mean that it has to hit this amount each time the player puts money in, depending on the 'class' of fruit machine it is either of 10,000 plays or 100,000 plays.

Refil Key: The refil key is a tool used by engineers and pub owners to keep track of how much money is in the hopper and how much money is in the payout tubes. Using these the players can see whether the machine has been filled recently and if it is more likely to pay.

Reset Code: The reset code is a series of buttons that are pressed in order to download information to a computer and it has no use to the player.

Streak: A streak is when the game has taken in a lot of money and hasn't paid out so it is below its required payout percentage and is due to payout a large amount of money to balance things out.

SWP: This stands for the general term for quiz machines-Skill With Prizes.

Win above or below the win line: If there are three identical symbols above or below the win line and the player sees the hold buttons quickly flash or they see the reels shake they should Hold Them All and the win will come down to the win line.

Winning Streak: Is similar is when the player has a winning run putting the fruit machine way over the pay out it is set to, this is great for the player who has won. However after a winning streak there is commonly a period of time where the machine wont pay out much until it gets back to the correct pay out percentage.