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Free Flash Help Page

Depending on what operatng system and browser you are using you the free flash games show on this site may not show up correctly ot may not play at all. Below are the steps we recommend you follow to fix any issues.

1. Check that your version of Flash is up to Date. To do that visit the adobe site here and click to install the latest version of flash player. If you already have the latest version it will tell you and if you dont it will update the versino you have.

If you are using Windows XP you might get prompted that you need to update your flash player, in which case you should follow the steps shown on this helpful flash player help page.

2. If after doing that your find that the games are still not working, you may need to activate the Active X control (this is an issue we have seen with IE7 running on windows Vista). To over come this click on the yellow bar at the top of the screen and then select allow. Then use the back button on your browser and you should find that the games will all play fine from then on.

We have not yet found a way to make these games work in Firefox, so we recommend you stick to using IE 6 or above to view our Free Flash Fruit Machine Pages.

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