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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Hidden Features

Some Fruit Machines have hidden features referred to by some as cheats. They are of course nothing of the sort (well ok maybe they kind of are). Regular players of a particular game will know for example that when nudges are offered but instead of the nudge buttons flashing they just stay light up, they should ignore them as the next spin will offer greater returns.

One of the benefits of playing a particular game on a regular basis is that you are apt to find that most have Hidden Features. Many times these features are called Cheats and they can actually turn the tide for an avid player.

There are times that regular features like Hold and Nudge are available to you but are not indicated on the screen or buttons, so it pays to try to Hold or Nudge even when these are not indicated but you think they should be.