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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Gamble Feature

Every Fruit Machine has a Gamble Feature, other features that must be present for a fruit machine to be considered a fruit machine include Hold, Nudge Feature, Cash Ladder & Bonus Trail.

There are other Fruit Machine Features but the ones listed above must be present for a fruit machine to be classed as a fruit machine and not a slot machine.

The Gamble Feature is usually activated after every win and commonly offers a higher or lower bet allowing the player to gamble their win to either double it or lose it all. Other gamble features allow the player to bet on a suite from a set of playing cards (Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs or Spades) and if the player chooses the winning suite the winnings are quadrupled but if they choose the wrong suite they lose the winnings.

The Gamble Feature can serve two purposes. Another way the gamble feature can work can be by having numbers from 1 to 12, you are given a chance to spin the reels but you must first decide whether the next number will be higher or lower than the starting number. This is where odds come into play, for instance if the starting number is a 9 then the odds are good that the next number will be lower. This type of gamble feature is also known as a hi low feature.

Hi Button on Fruit Machine
Lo Button on Fruit Machine

Second, in some cases there are Fruit Machines that have an option to exchange features when you have had a win and you can exchange the won Feature for a different feature. Many times you must have had several wins for this to be offered. For example you could exchange nudges for holds and so on.


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