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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Bonus Trail / Bonus Board Feature

Every Fruit Machine has a Bonus Trail Feature also known by many as a Bonus Board, other features that must be present for a fruit machine to be considered a fruit machine include Hold, Gamble Feature, Cash Ladder & Nudge Feature.

The Bonus Trail / Bonus Board Feature is usually activated at random and the player might either move a set number of places round the board or the board might flash round like crazy and the player has to press stop to determine where on the board they stop.

The Bonus Trail is made up of small squares that have prizes or features on them and when you hit spin, you randomly select a number that causes the trail squares to light up as you move along the trail. Each square on a bonus board makes something happen, you could have your winnings doubled, tripled or even multiplied by 10 or you could be sent over to the cash ladder or even win a set amount.

When the light stops on a square you are awarded whatever it says on the square, such as collect or continue, extra nudges or other features. You can also be awarded a chance at a multiplier.Of course not everything that happens on the bonus board is good some will make you lose, but then others will make the player win a progressive cash pot. Below we have given a little more information about some of the more common squares on a bonus board.

Multiplier gives you the chance to win up to 80 or even 100 times your bet.

Free Nudges - win extra nudges to use in the main game.

Collect or Continue - you make the decision to collect the winnings you've accumulated or to continue and see if you can win more.

Repeats - this feature lets you repeat specific episodes.

Gamble - you can choose with this feature to gamble your current winnings or continue on in the game by the Hi Lo function which you can select by hitting the button at the time you think will land Hi or Lo.

Other typical spots on the bonus trail include free spins, and free holds.