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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Fruit Machine Features

What makes Fruit Machines Fruit Machines rather than just being slots machines are the features. Sure Fruit Machines are a type of slot machine but the wide variety of features makes then one of the most entertaining slots games available.

In this section we give you an overview of the key fruit machine features, that you may find on a fruit machine.

Hold - This is found on all fruit machines and some slot machines, so dont think just because a game has a hold feature it is a fruit machine, it takes more than just a hold feature for us to classify a game as a fruit machine.

Nudge - This is another essential feature on any Fruit Machine, players are awarded a number of nudges (commonly up to 3 nudges) where they can nudge round their choice of reels with the aim of creating a winning combination.

Gamble Feature - Every Fruit Machine also has a gamble feature, usually activated after a win and usually allowing the player to gamble higher or lower in a double or quits type of a bet.

Cash Ladder - All Fruit Machines have a Cah Ladder, and as the player wins this may fill up, or it may flash up and down and the player has to hit a button to stop it on a prize.

Bonus Trail - All Fruit Machines have a bonus trail also referred to as a bonus board which when activated allows players to win any number of bonuses, for example free spins, 3x their winnings, or a jackpot amount.

Hidden Features - Not all fruit machines have hidden features but many do, this covers all manor of things.

Cash Pots - A Cash Pot Feature is present on some machines, the amount in the cash pot is not fixed and can be seen climbing as more play is on the machine. So these are a kind of progressive jackpot.

Repeats - On many fruit machines there is a repeat feature which when a player wins or gets some free spins will flash yes or no. The player has to hit stop on the yes to get the winning feature to play again.