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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Where to play Fruit Machines

Where to play Fruit Machines - So you want to know where to look for fruit machines, well look no further than this article, which gives you an account of the most common places fruit machines are found.

Whether you live in the UK or want to play online, you won't have to look for long to find a place to play Fruit Machines. That was not always the case for playing online though, it wasn't until recently that online casinos started to offer these games. We'd like to help you in your search for locations to enjoy this great passtime.

Over 18
As with many recreations and amusements, some are age restricted based on a certain criteria. Locations such as bars and clubs don't let those under the age of 18 in the doors. And there are sections of the motorway service stations that are age restricted too. These venues have a higher jackpot payout, £35 max, than the places where minors are allowed to play.

Minors Allowed
The locations that do welcome minors include gastro pubs, which are a combination of restaraunt and pub that specializes in a specific cuisine that compliments their selection of spirits on tap. Chip shops, which are a popular take away fish and chips shops, taxi offices, and also the seaside amusement arcade allow those under the age to play their Fruit Machines. The criteria for these establishments allowing the under 18 crowd to play is that the maximum jackpot on the Fruit Machines is set at £5 and the maximum stake is also lower.

Lastly we come to online casinos that are now offering Fruit Machines to their players. These are exciting games that are new to many players outside the UK, but have caught on quickly. One of the benefits of playing online is the assortment of Fruit Machine games you'll be able to find. Another, is that there is no maximum jackpot payout restriction placed on these games. Starting just a few months ago, some of the most popular online casinos began introducing Fruit Machines in their games suite, and now more and more casinos are following suit and more games are set to be released in the coming weeks. There are age restrictions to playing online, in most areas you must be at least 18 years of age, some areas require you to be 21 so it's important that you know the laws regarding this in your area.

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