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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Slot Machine or Fruit Machine

What is the difference between a Slot Machine and a Fruit Machine? On this page we will let you know.

Fruit Machines are not to be confused with Slot Machines, they are two very different types of games. Fruit Machines are considered to be more of a game of skill whereas the Slot Machine is purely a game of chance. Their histories are forever tied together though due to the fact that they are a spin off of the first Slot Machine that was designed by Charles Fey. There are several differences between Fruit Machines and Slot Machines which we will discuss in detail here.

The Key Difference explained

The key point to remember is this a fruit machine is a type of slot machine. A slots machine (in the sense of a slots machine game), will always have spinning reels (either mechanical or virtual) and at least one payline. But to be classed as a Fruit Machine the game must have a skill element and will generally have a hold and nudge feature plus a cash ladder and a bonus board (also known as a bonus trail). In addition to these features a Fruit Machine can often have other features as well, some of which are described below.

So whilst it is correct to refer to a Fruit Machine as a Slot Machine, it would not be correct to refer to any Slot Machine as a Fruit Machine. If we think of the fruit machine as being a British Bulldog, and the Slot Machine as being the Dog. You can see how you could correctly say that the British Bulldog is a Dog, but you would be wrong if you called another type of dog such as a poodle a British Bulldog.

You might find it helpful to look over some of the key elements of both slot machines and fruit machines below.

Fruit Machines

In general a Fruit Machine has three reels ( sometimes 4 reels or even 5 reels ) and one payline, and offers the player some power over the outcome of a game. For instance, the features on a Fruit Machine include Nudges, Holds and Repeats that can change the outcome depending on the selection made by the player when one of these features appears on the payline. There are other features including the Cash Ladder, Cash Pots and the Bonus Trail that have the player interact in a way that requires some skill.

Nudge - when this shows up on the payline you can elect to nudge the reel in order to try to make a winning combination.

Hold - this feature allows you to hold a certain symbol in hopes of spinning a win on a match.

Repeats - when this feature is activated it lets you repeat the previous feature such as a nudge or hold.

Cash Pots - while you are in the bonus trail feature, your wins are shown in the cash pot located on the screen.

Cash Ladder - the cash ladder shows what multiplier you are on and all wins in the bonus trail will be multiplied by the number shown.

Bonus Trail - this looks a lot like a trail around a board game with payoffs or perils laying in wait for the player depending on the number that comes up on the spin.

Gamble - the gamble feature allows players the chance to double (or lose) their winnings after a winning spin.

Slots Machines

Slot Machines are a game of chance that have a RNG (Random Number Generator) built in that creates the randomness of the symbols appearing on the screen. Slots can be broken down into these categories.

The Single Line Slot - has one payline and three reels. These are a much simpler form of the game that have a limited amount of winning combinations, but do often have bonus rounds and some are even Progressive Jackpot Slots. This type of slots game is commonly known as a classic slot.

Multi Line Slots - have more than one payline and can be three or more reels. Like the Single Line Slot, the Multi Line can offer features such as bonus rounds and the Progressive Jackpot.

Bonus Slots - can be any amount of paylines and reels, they have a bonus round that takes the winner to another screen to play out the round. The bonus round gives the player a shot at winning a random amount of credits depending on the outcome.

Progressive Slots - offer a growing jackpot prize that is won by one player. This game can be any of the above mentioned types of slots. In online casinos, the Progressive Jackpot Slot is tied to other online casinos that use the same casino software, for example Microgaming Casinos. The casinos in this group share the game in that when Player A who is in one casino, plays the machine, and Player B who is in another casino, plays the same game, a small part of each player's wager is contributed to the jackpot. When a player hits the jackpot in one casino, the game starts over at the minimum jackpot payout at all the casinos in that group.

There are many great progressive slot machines. One of the most well-known progressives is major millions which often pays out jackpots in excess of $1M+. You can find more info about this game in this roxy palace review

If you would like more information about slot machines we found a great online slots site that shows definitions of different types of slots games including; Classic Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Bonus Slots Games, Progressive Slots, Multi Payline Slots, Multi Spin Slots and even Fruit Machines.