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Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Play Online Fruit Machines at Red Stag Casino

Fruit Machines and the Law

According to The UK Licensing Act 2003 local authorities have the responsibility of authorizing AWP (Amusement With Prizes) machines in alcohol licensed premises. It should also be noted that by law any “all cash” fruit machines, may have a maximum stake / bet of 30p and a maximum prize of £25. This limit is typical in most smaller venues such as fish and chip shops, pubs, taxi office as well as in sea side amusement arcades. But where the venue owner holds a club gaming or club machine permit the jackpots can be as high as £250 on fruit machines.

According to the UK Gambling Act of 2005 there are placement and age restrictions in place that govern who can play, and by setting limits on the size of the jackpots depending on the location of the game and the age of the player, and that only specific locations are allowed to have the games.

The act also restricts how many games an establishment can have, this part of the act is dependant on the type of location such as an amusement arcade and chip shops or taxi rank. Unlicensed businesses are forbidden to have Fruit Machines on the premises at all.

The Gambling Act also regulates the payout percentage of Fruit Machines, it's set at 70% minimum we have found that online fruit machines offer a much higher payout still, although they are not legally required to do so.

All the information provided on this page, is our interpretation and we recommend that if you have a legal reason to know the law, you check with the gambling commission and or your local council to ensure you know what the current laws and regulations are. The owners of this site do not accept any responsibility for any inaccurate information contain on this site. Although if you find any we would like you to let us know, as we do our best to keep it correct, but as the law is ever changing this page will inevitably become out dated and need amending from time to time.